Posing tips: Group photograph

There are usually three kinds of group shots. First are just formal shots with a large number of people. Second are more informal shots with a group of friends. And finally, photographing a group or family members. In this order, let’s look at some sample poses and posing ideas.

1. Principally, make sure that all people in the group are visible.

2. The first idea is traditional way to take a group photo, but you can slightly change it like this

3. Take from an elevated level
4. If you have a leader, she/he can be stand in front so that she/he gets stronger composition

5. When they're friends. Try this pose
6. Or make them lean heads together
7. Or make a round composition on the grass/floor

8. Put the leader in front and all others one by one behind like this

9. Or like this, just slightly different
10. This is a fun way to make a informal group picture
11. Make them in row, shoot in wide aperture, focus on first people/leader
12. Now you will have some family posing examples. First of all, all sitting around the couch but do not include any furniture in the frame. Fill your frame with family members only.

13. Ask them go outside, sitting on the lawn. You get low and shoot from object eye level
14. Family members lying on the ground, shoot from low angle

15. A beautiful composition for a family shot. Might be done outdoors on the ground or indoors in a bed. Works absolutely fine with any number of kids.

16. And some more poses with the couch, front and/or behind shoot

17. Again, go outside and try some of these poses. Ask the kid hang onto the parents' backs
18. Very easy pose for a full height shot. As you can imagine, works well with any number of persons
19. Take shots with the family walking hand in hand. Shoot in continuous mode and select the photos with the best leg movement and positioning. Keep in mind to control a focus, while subjects are approaching from a distance


Source: dPs