Check Canon shutter count on Windows

As you know, I have written an introduction how to check your Canon DSLR's shutter count with a MacOS application. Many questions sent to me asking about an equivalent application on Windows.
I decide to write another post about shutter count checking but with a FREE Windows application.
This application's name is Astro Photography Tool - APT. This program is different to all other MacOS apps which is only FREE for a short time or some function excluding the shutter count check. APT is FREE for basic functions including the shutter count identification which is awesome.

shutter count, canon eos, APT, photosaddict
Main screen of Astro Photography Tool
APT - Astro Photography Tool is an application that allows controlling Canon EOS and ASCOM compatible CCD cameras and is completely designed with astro imaging in mind. The focus of this tool is to automate the control of your camera, to help in almost all stages of your imaging session, to preserve the dark adaptation of your eyes and to bring all this packed in flexible and easy to use form.

If you have any queries, please find out the FAQ section first. If you can not find the answer there, please leave a comment, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Some of you will wonder is it a right application for shutter count checking?
Yes, it is. Even it is a rather big application which can help you play around with your Canon EOS cameras. Most functions are useful if you are astro photographer, and some of advanced functions need to purchase full version. But if you only want to know your Canon DSLR's shutter count, FREE version of APT is more than enough.

How to get the shutter count information?

You need to install APT first (Demo version is enough), the FREE link is here:
Or you can find latest version here:
After installing the software, you can follow the following step to get what you want

Step 1: Turn on you camera

Step 2: Connect your camera to your computer

Step 3: Open APT, click Connect button on the top right panel or wait for program auto-connect your camera.

Step 4: Read the information about shutter count on the bottom left panel
shutter count, canon eos, APT, photosaddict
Information about shutter count appears on the bottom left panel

Enjoy your Canon and APT!