Top 3 mistakes to avoid as a beginner photographer

Photography is a wonderful hobby (for me it's just a hobby, and I will write here in hobbyist point of view) that is accessible to almost anyone who is interested. The best thing about photography is that anyone can pick up a camera and start taking pictures, share it and get inspiration to shooting more.But there are a few common pitfalls that you may wish to avoid if you’re just getting started.

1. Gear everywhere.
It's a common think that buying a new gear will help to improve photos. So photographer, especially beginners always think of purchasing more gears than enough: tripods, extra lenses, filters, darkroom gear, timers, lights, reflectors – the list is endless.
My recommendation is: start off small with a basic DSLR camera and a kit lens. When you feel like you’ve pushed that as far as you can, then start by answering these 5 questions and looking for some necessary gears.
mistakes, gears, top 3 mistakes
Too many gears is a bad idea for beginner.

2. Center composition

As long as you start, you normally try to put your subjects in the center of the frame. This can create unnecessary space in your pictures and make them less interesting. Good framing is something that doesn’t take long to learn and will improve your work for a lifetime. You can start quickly with rule of thirds. I'm sure, it just take you 5 minutes to master it and more important, think about it twice before pushing your shutter button.
sisters, center, rule of thirds
Try to compose your objects away from the center.

3. Auto mode

Most of beginner tend to use Auto-mode of their new DSLR camera simply because it's good enough to give you a reasonable image with a point and shoot. Believe me, get away from auto-mode and start with semi-manual modes such as Av (Aperture Priority) or Tv (Shutter speed priority) modes and read a post about aperture triangle. Your skills and knowledge will be improved quickly.
Av and Tv modes are good starts for improving your photography skill and knowledge.