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This is an instruction on how to check your Canon camera's shutter count with application.

If you are buying your first DSLR and want to know which camera kit is suitable for you, please consider my recommendation. And if your budget is limit and you want to purchase a second hand DSLR camera or simply want to check your current camera's shutter count. This post is for you.

It's really big question to answer when I decided to buy a second hand Canon 60D and it turns out that it is very difficult to get the information about the shutter count from Canon DSLR series.

To understand how important the shutter count is. Please read this post

After getting the shutter count out. You also want to know "How many shutter count is considered too many?". Answer is found here

The application introduced in this post is for MacOS. IF you are Windows user, please find the answer here

As you might know, it is quite easy to get such an information from Nikon DSLR camera, simply upload your image (RAW, JPG) to a website which is very convenient after searching with Google. But it is much more complicated with Canon counterpart.

It takes me days to find the solution and it seems to be that the most updated suitable way to get such information is by paying some bucks to get it online with website.
And if you are using MacOS, there is another paid option for you: Shuttercount apps available on Apple store to purchase with US$ 3.79.

After days of searching and verifying different source to try to get the shutter count information out of the light with my Canon 60d. I come with so amazing solution for those who using MacOS. Here what I got.

There is a very cool apps on Apple store named EOS Inspector which is FREE at this moment (10th April 2014, and it is said that this app is only FREE for limited time). So, let's quick to download it and have a go.

A minor problem before installing this app is that you have to upgrade to MacOS Maverick (10.9 at least) to install it.

After install EOS Inspector, you will have such a welcome screen:
EOS Inspector, photosaddict, shutter count, canon dslr, canon 60d
EOS Inspector welcome screen (Photosaddict)
And after connect your camera to USB hub, turn it on and huuurrraaa, here we go. Shutter count information:
EOS Inspector, photosaddict, shutter count, canon dslr, canon 60d

Question: Which EOS cameras supported?
Here is the answer

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