How long will the shutter last?

After identifying your shutter count. The next question should be: is it too many or is it worth to buy a second hand camera with 40 000 shutter count?

I will help you to answer such questions with easy step. Please look at the following diagram.

This diagram shows the average survival percentage of a DSLR camera based on the shutter count.

How can you read these information?

Firstly, find out your camera's shutter count.
And spot your shutter count in the above intervals and read the information on the right column. Let's say you have a camera with 10 000 shutter count, the average survival percentage is 97.6%.

You can see a significant drop of survival percentage from 70% to 37% after 100 000 shutter. It does not mean that all the camera's shutter will die after 100 000 shutter but that should be the limit for every camera. If you buy a camera with more than 100 000 shutter count, you should shortly need to replace it.
+Lam Hoang