Shutter count tells camera "true age"

What is the first question you should ask buyer when buying a second hand camera?

The answer simply is its shutter count.
Because it will tell you the "true age" of a camera. And do you know how long it last?

The date of purchase isn’t a very reliable indicator, as the usage intensity of cameras can vary greatly. A 2-year-old DSLR that is mainly used at holidays or family events is surely in a better condition than one that serves as bi-weekly-party snapshot device.

The model isn’t top-notch, but still solid quality and was released 2 years ago. When you decide to buy a second-hand camera, you should read this first. Sometimes, the pictures on the auction page of the camera look good, but was the camera really rarely used as stated in the auction text? Or are you making your bid for an over-used device that already suffers from abrasion “diseases” like wobbly buttons?

Estimating the “true age” of a camera
It would be nice to have something like a mileage indicator for DSLRs, that more or less counts every picture ever taken with a particular camera. Luckily, such a magic indicator already exists, although its information isn’t always easy to obtain: The Shutter Count measures the number of shutter releases during the lifetime of your camera. A shutter is a moveable device, that exposes the camera sensor to the light during the shooting of the picture. General speaking, the number of shutter releases approximately corresponds to the number of pictures taken with your camera.

Shutter count in a Canon camera is not easy to obtain as in a Nikon rival. However, if you have a Windows computer, there is a FREE tool for you. Check it now