My sunrise weekend

I am a hobbyist photographer and usually go out with my camera on weekends. Last weekend, as usual, I was ready for my sunrise shoot in Mentone beach. Every thing was ready for the wonderful morning, the weather was forecast to be partly cloudy which is my favorite. I love to shoot sunrise landscape with clouds patterns in orange and colorful sky. Tripod ready, filters ready, and certainly my best friends, canon 60D and Tamron 17-50mm f2.8. I am absolutely ready to go.
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Canon 60D Tripd Tamron 17=-50mm f2.8
My best friends
Got up at 6.30am, leave home around 6.45am and got to the beach at 7.15am. I have about 15 minutes before the sun comes up. The sky turns to wonderful colors, many sea gulls and pelicans there. I took the first photo of the sky. DO NOT forget to check the settings which is: aperture priority - f9, ISO 100. That's great.

One of the first pictures of the day

After ensuring all settings are correct. I took many photos then, direct sun light, did not forget to shoot the scene behind me which is amazing pier and hills.
The hill behind me and the thunderstorm cloud is rolling over.
 And then, when I tried to take some flying birds photo, DO NOT forget to turn to shutter speed priority with 1/1000th seconds.
Flying pelican

And here is some of my photos for a wonderful sunrise in Mentone.

She is my wonderful model.

Faraway from this gate is a busy city of Melbourne.