Things that Time Will Teach You about Photography

Wisdom comes with experience, and each of us relates differently to what experience has to teach us about photography. Here are 55 things that most photographers will learn in few years. 
Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment value ONLY, so enjoy a laugh or two!

1. Sharpness is overrated.
2. Taking photos of strangers and then giving them the photos feels good.
3. Photography can be one of the most extreme things you will ever do.

4. Underexposing is better than overexposing.
5. The best lens for street photography is a wide angle.

6. The respect you give to the people you shoot is crucial.
7. Posed can be as good as candid if you do it right.
8. Having photographer friends is a good idea.
9. Borrowing gear is a great way to save money.
10. Lenses are responsible for image quality, not cameras.
11. Photography isn't a job, it's a lifestyle.
12. There are too many photographers compared to the world's needs.
13. Flickr and 500px will help you evolve.
14. You should have a UV filter on all your lenses.
15. Classic black and white photography of the 20th century is one of mankind's greatest achievements.
16. It's the ideal hobby if you're a loner.yay 10125518 digital
17. Your popularity with your friends will increase, especially if you photograph them.
18. You will need a business model if you want to go pro.
19. Medium format is still the best out there.
20. All photographers should shoot at least 10 rolls of film in a lifetime.
21. It's not always easy to photograph loved ones.
22. The best way to start building a portfolio is to shoot your friends.
23. Part of the passion might diminish as the years go by.
24. Some genres are dead or dying.
25. Smartphones have changed photography.
26. It's best to focus on the shot than on the gear.
27. Time spent shooting is more valuable than spending it on photography forums.
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28. Older gear will get the job done if you know how to use it.
29. Photography albums are always a good investment.
30. The more you will shoot the better you will become.
31. Talent is nothing without hard work.
32. Back-up your work at least in two other places.
33. Canon vs. Nikon is for little boys who want to show off more than take pictures.
34. Reading generally helps.
35. Editing and retouching can be a separate form of art.
36. The compact camera market is one foot in the grave.
37. The difference between full-frame, APS-C and Micro 4/3 is negligible.
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38. Old school lenses are made with much better optics than today's kit lenses.
39. Changing perspective is very important.
40. It often implies getting on all fours or on your knees.
41. Your best work is all that should be made public.
42. Having the right bag can be a life saver.
43. The best lens is indeed a tripod.
44. Natural light is not the best light.

45. The light you create or modify yourself is the best light.
46. A printed photo is always better than a digital one.
47. Photographing homeless people in black and white has to stop.
48. Some of the best opportunities are right around the corner.
49. Studying painting can help a lot with photography.
50. Everything you do can become dull if you don't put a little imagination into it.
51. Photography teaches you a lot about yourself as a person.
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52. Projects are a sign of maturity in craft.
53. Playing by the rules gets you far and so does avoiding them.
54. Behind every successful photographer are hard work and a supporting spouse.
55. The minute you stop enjoying it, it's time to stop