Which camera kits should I buy for my first DSLR?

How much money do you want to use?

First question I would like to ask you is "How much money do you want to use?"
It will define which gears you can go and what is the most suitable kits for you.
It can be under 500 or under 1000 US dollars, which will limit your choice to the entry or mid-level models in each manufacturer's range. You can also hunt around for some bargains whenever a new model is announced.

Secondly, try to find the latest or second latest camera within your budget. A second hand camera is not a bad choice. But remember to ask for the shutter-count and investigate carefully.

For example, Canon 70D is now the latest Canon xxD family. It means that 60D is now on sale, you can easily buy a new Canon 60D body only with 500 dollars. And even if you buy a Canon xxxD camera (like 650D, 600D), 500 USD can give you a camera with lenses. But keep in mind, try to buy a latest one if possible.
Nikon D7000 is in the same range with Canon 60D.
Canon 60D and Nikon 7000D is a good choice for budget USD $500-1000

Thirdly, choose a multi-purpose zoom lenses for your first lens. With this walk-around lens, you can photograph lots of things, from portrait to landscape, wildlife, street and so on. It is very good choice for beginner. For recommendation, wide-range zoom lenses like Canon 18-55mm, 18-135mm, Nikon 18-55mm, 18-105mm... is a good start.
After few months or years using this kit, you will know what you want to upgrade? Body? Lenses? Tripod?...

@Lam Hoang