40 More Portrait Ideas

Recently we shared with you our free posing guide with 54 different portrait ideas to try at home. It was so popular, we decided to share some more portrait ideas from that shoot!
Our latest photography cheat sheet is another visual posing guide that you can download and use as inspiration for your portrait photography.
Often, though, a simple, new pose you’ve never tried before can give you the burst of inspiration you’ve been needing. A creative pose and a willing subject can get you shooting again.
To this end, in our infographic below we’ve suggested some portrait ideas for having your subject try a range of creative postures, such as posing on the floor.
We’ve also explored how different hair styles can add different moods to your portraits. And there’s much more.

Simply drag and drop our cheat sheet on to your desktop to save these 40 portrait ideas as a handy reference the next time you’re in need of a posing guide.
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