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Canon EOS DSLR camera models matrix

It is very nice to get your feedback after reading my blog post on finding the shutter count on Canon cameras with a PC (Windows computer) using software APT.
I will try to summary some common questions that I received in the last 6 months. Hopefully it will help you solve out some of the problem when using APT.
Question 1: I found APT a commercial software. Do I need to purchase it to find out my Canon 60D shutter count?
Answer: No. You can use free version of APT to get the shutter count.

Question 2: Does APT support Canon 7D mark II?
Answer: Not yet. But as you know, APT is updated frequently. The new cameara should be supported soon.

Question 3: I had a Canon 30D, installed APT on my Windows 7 64 bits. When I plug it in, APT said it does not support my camera series.
Answer: Unfortunately, the DIGIC 2 cameras (20D, 20Da, 30D, 350D, 400D) is not fully supported by ATP under Windows 7 64 bits.
You can try to install APT on 32bits Windows 7 computer or configure a virtual 32bits machine on your 64bits Windows 7 machine to use APT with your DIGIC 2 camears.
All DIGIC 3 and 4 cameras are fully supported.